Aesthetic design

2018-11-20 江门 10 2000~4000

Job requirements:

1. Be responsible for configuring company templates, including picture design and web page layout. Be sensitive to the aesthetics of web page design, and be able to display the functions and requirements of the template.

2. Responsible for the design and template configuration of other new products.

3. Responsible for carefree services and website customization, providing customers with exquisite website renderings, image processing and the whole site configuration work;

4, production company's various promotional platform product details page picture;

5, make on-line application plug-in icon with related pictures;

6. Audit and control the template of the external configurator, provide style suggestions, and ensure the quality of the template of the external template.

7. College degree or above in design or related field.

8. Proficient in using Photoshop and AI design software;

9. Familiarity with web interface design and strong control over websites.

10. It has good aesthetic sense and collocation ability, and is innovative.

11, individuals have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, and have a good team spirit.

12. Active thinking, innovative spirit, good teamwork spirit and strong sense of responsibility.

Fringe benefits:

1. During the internship period, the salary of the students is 1000-2000 yuan, providing the internship certificate; 2-month assessment of qualified salary is 2000-4000 yuan; and they have obtained the diploma for probation and transferred to the formal staff.

2, the competitive advantage of the pay system: basic salary + performance + subsidy + project award + year-end bonus;

3, complete welfare: birthday gifts, holiday gifts, regular physical examination, etc.

4, the official staff provides five risks.

5. weekly rest and paid annual leave.

6, perfect promotion incentive mechanism;

7. the company has a harmonious atmosphere and regularly organizes departmental activities, including meals, tours and so on.

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